Semen For Sale

Brookview Z61

Producer: Brookview Farm
Registration Number: M43564
DNA Case Number: DCA564
Date of Birth: October 8, 2012
Horn Status: Homozygous Polled

Measurements taken by Jamie Hostetler on June 18, 2016 

Shoulder Width (in.) Heart Girth (in.) Topline (in.) Body Length (in.0 Rump Length (in.) Scrotal Circumference (cm) Hip Height (in.) Weight (lbs.)
26.5 89 81 57 20.5 41 52 1750

Use of Semen # straws Price Shipping
Purebred breeder – offspring eligible for registry with RDUSA 10 – 20 $25/straw Extra (paid by purchaser)
20 – 50 $25/straw Free (paid by seller)
51 or more $20/straw Free (paid by seller)
Commercial breeder – offspring NOT eligible for registry with RDUSA 20 or more $15/straw Extra (paid by purchaser)