Grassfed Beef

Although we are primarily focused on producing seed stock, each year we have a limited number of Devon that end up in our grassfed beef group—-steers that don’t meet our bull standards or cows that don’t get pregnant, etc .

Harvesting the beef

On this project we partner with the local family-owned meat market that does custom harvest, aging, cutting and packaging. Check it out. Prem Meats

What makes this partnership particularly meaningful is that the Prems have invested in a mobile slaughter service called Local Harvest LLC, which include Wisconsin State inspection. This means that our cattle never leave the farm until they are hanging as quarters in the refrigerated truck. In fact, our steers will be grazing peacefully on pasture when they instantaneously meet their maker. (Make you jealous?)

Marketing the beef

In the past we have offered to sell this beef as mixed quarters or halves—-and we still do. By ordering in this manner, the buyer has complete control over which cuts they receive and, of course, the price is a bit lower.

But over the years we have heard a consistent message from would-be users of our beef: they simply don’t have freezer space for a quarter beef or they don’t have the experience of directly ordering from the butcher, or they just want the convenience of picking up packaged grass finished beef from a known source.

So we now are breaking a mixed quarter into mixed eighths of beef. All of the prime cut—–the steaks and roasts—- are placed in a 1.1 cubic foot box which is topped off with stew meat and ground beef to generate a 40 pound Variety Box. The balance of the beef is offered in 10 pound Griller Boxes that contain ground beef, hot dogs, and sausage. Organ meat is offered separately in boxes that weigh approximately 10 pounds each.

Current options:


Approx. Weight of Packaged Beef (lbs.)

Storage Volume Required (cu. ft.)

Price per lbs.

Custom Cut Mixed Quarter

All cuts ordered by client


3.0 – 3.5


Variety Box

Steaks, roasts, stew meat, ground beef




Griller’s Box

Sausage, hot dogs, ground beef




Organ Meat

Heart, liver, tongue




**Prices subject to change at any time.