Grassfed Beef

Hillside Pastures finishes a limited number of Red Devon beeves each year that end up in homeowner freezers. Like all of the other Hillside cattle, these are raised and finished on diverse pastures of perennial grass, legumes, forbs, etc. We never supplement with grain, nor do we use prophylactic anti-biotics or growth hormones.

Harvesting the beef

Our preference is to have slaughter done by Local Harvest, a State Inspected processor that operates a mobile slaughter service making it possible to harvest a Devon while he grazes peacefully on pasture. This means that our cattle don’t leave the farm until they are hanging as quarters in the refrigerated truck. Additional information:

In the event that Natural Harvest is not available, we work with several other local abattoirs, including Nordik Meats in Viroqua, and Straka Meats in Plain, both a short drive from the farm.

Marketing the beef

In order to keep prices as low as possible and to give buyers the freedom to order custom cuts directly from the butcher, we sell our Devon by the mixed quarter. The buyer pays Hillside Pastures for the beef and then the butcher for the processing and freezing. Both prices are based on the hanging weight of the carcass.

Approximate Cost of Mixed Quarter

Estimated hanging weight:             160 lb.

            Price ($/lb hanging)            $4.00

Payment to Hillside Pastures:         $640

Processing Fee:                                 $105 ($.64/lb hanging weight)

Harvest Fee                                        $35

Misc. Charges                                    $15

Payment to butcher:                        $150

Total Cost of beef:                            $790

Approximate weight of frozen beef:         105 lb. (about 2/3 of hanging wgt.)

Approximate cost of frozen beef:              $7.50/lb

Note: additional custom processing for summer sausage, corned beef, hot dogs, etc. is an option with all the butcher shops.

Contact Daniel for additional information about upcoming harvest dates, options for reserving a quarter, etc.
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