Welcome to Hillside Pastures

Hillside Pastures is a grass-based farm in the Driftless Region of southwest Wisconsin with a mission to produce high-quality seedstock cattle---bulls, cows and heifers for use by producers of grassfed beef. After several years of research and experimentation, owners Daniel and Linda Marquardt settled on Red Devon cattle as the genetic base best suited to meet their objectives. Why? Because Devon have adapted and thrived for centuries on grass and it has been demonstrated that they will finish efficiently on nothing but grass.

The Hillside cow herd was assembled over a 6-year period beginning in 2009 by purchasing cows from 8 different Devon herds located between the East Coast and Tennessee. The cow herd was closed in 2015 and the focus turned to improving the herd through a strategic and long-term breeding program and careful selection of the best young heifers to replace under-performing cows.

The introduction of new genetics for herd improvement comes through the use of the very best herd sires available as well as extensive use of artificial insemination (AI), using selected Red Devon bulls from across the globe.

Brookview Z61
Senior sire in residence at Hillside Pastures since 2015

Vix Jatz
Australian bull used in the 2018 AI program at Hillside Pastures

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