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2014 Workshop - April 8


Upper Midwest Red Devon Workshop

April 8, 2014.  Grass farmers and Devon breeders – some serious professionals, others aspiring – from Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin traveled to the rolling hills of southwestern Wisconsin in early April to participate in a Red Devon genetics workshop conducted by Jeremy Engh from Lakota Ranch in Virginia. The workshop, designed to demonstrate the benefits of Devon genetics by visual assessment of working cattle, was hosted by Daniel and Linda Marquardt, owners of Hillside Pastures. 

To illustrate the docility of Devon cattle, Jeremy simply walked in the pens of Hillside Pastures bulls and scratched backs while discussing the characteristics of the bull. The benefits of crossing Red Angus cows to a Devon bull were illustrated by pressing the flesh of a 1300 pound, 23 month old, fat steer. And to illustrate how an aspiring grass farmer can get started in the grass-fed beef business, Jeremy paraded a cow that Daniel and Linda purchased as an open heifer in 2009 from Brookview Farm. That foundation heifer is now a big-bellied cow, perhaps the best one in the herd, and dam of one of two herd sires at Hillside Pastures. See video of T52 with Jeremy T52 video.

How can one describe the difference between a Rotokawa Devon bull and an old-fashioned American Devon bull? It’s easy: put the five-year-old son of Rotokawa 688 in a pen adjacent to a three-year-old son of Page Road Pete and talk about the special characteristics of each. See video/slides here: Workshop Slide Show

Response to the workshop was immediate and enthusiastic – so much so, that Jeremy and the Marquardts have already started plans for a second Upper Midwest Devon Workshop in the Spring of 2015. The intention is for the next one to be open to other Midwest breeders of registered Red Devon to bring cattle for show or for sale. Watch the Red Devon USA website for updates and contact either Jeremy (enghs@icloud.com) or Daniel (danielfmarquardt@gmail.com) for additional information.



June 26, 2013

Milwaukee & Madison Area Chefs

On June 26, 2013, Hillside Pastures hosted a Pasture Walk, Discussion, and Lunch sponsored by Strauss Meats.  The participants were accompanied on the pasture walk by hosts Daniel and Linda Marquardt, and UW Extension Agent Gene Schriefer, who discussed the value of grazing practices for animal health, land protection, and nutritional qualities of grass-fed beef. The discussion following the walk focused on high quality and needed consistency of the grass-fed product.



June 5, 2013

Natural Resources Conservation Service

US Dept of Ag / NRCS Farm Visit

Focus: Grass Farm Sustainability



May 21, 2013

Grass-Fed Beef Product Representatives

Sponsored by Strauss Meats

Pasture Walk * Discussion * Lunch

Grass-Fed Beef Characteristics

Soil and Forages for Sustainability



September 25, 2012

UW Extension / Iowa County Conservation

Pasture Walk with Grass-Fed Devon Herd

Chute-Side Animal Evaluation & Ultrasound Testing

In collaboration with the University of Wisconsin Extension Department, Daniel and Linda Marquardt are hosting an afternoon farm tour open to the public, featuring purebred Red Devon cattle, as well as the progeny that result from crossing Red Devon bulls  with Red Angus and South Devon females. The afternoon will include pasture viewing of cattle, chute-side evaluations, and demonstrations of ultrasound testing. PASTURE WALKS


New Slideshow: Midwest Devon SaleJune 10th, 2015

Click here to view the slideshow.

Upper Midwest Devon Cattle Workshop and Select SaleJanuary 12th, 2015


LinksJanuary 10th, 2015

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